Check out the extract below from, conducted by Shirin Sadikot in Nottingham

Growing up is not the same as growing old. A man’s age is counted in numbers but his growth is measured in experience. There is a phase in one’s life where he grows as a person and understands the world more than he did in all the previous decades he lived. That’s when his mind breaks the shackles of his physical age and evolves into a deep, beautiful ocean of wisdom and knowledge.

For Mahendra Singh Dhoni, that phase began from September 2007 – when he was handed the reins of the Indian Cricket Team – and seven years on, it goes on.

Mahi was born intelligent. As a boy, he grasped things quickly. He was aware of his surroundings, receptive of the information he was exposed to and sharp enough to filter out the bad and imbibe the good. In the last seven years, he has put these natural gifts to optimum use to achieve the level of serenity, sagacity and sanguineness that belies his age.

On his 33rd birthday, MS Dhoni relived his journey so far as Team India’s captain and gave us an invaluable insight into what makes him the leader extraordinaire that he is.

Here is the Indian captain’s exclusive interview with BCCI.TV