2016 Union ‘Elite’ Match Ball – Size 5

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The ELITE Match range is Spartans highest quality ball, specially designed for match purposes, and for exceptional quality.

The 2016 Union ELITE Match Ball consists of a raised pin grain grip pattern molded from a specially developed blend of rubber synthetic which offers superior handling traction in wet and adverse conditions. These hand crafted balls are balanced to provide a true trajectory in flight, whether passed or kicked. The Elite Union ball is a 4 ply ball.

The weight of the ball when new should range between 410g to 460g with an optimum ball pressure of 9.5 to 10 PSI.

Age < 8 use Walla ball – Size 2 | Age < 10 use Mini ball – Size 3
Age <12 use Mod ball – Size 4 | Age 13+ use International Senior ball – Size 5

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