In recent posts we’ve offered some tips on volunteer recruitment and retention.

But let’s take it one step further – did you know you there may be a student studying a sports related degree keen to volunteer for your club for a period of time?

Most sports degrees have a mandatory internship component, where a student must complete a number of hours with a relevant sporting organisation as part of their degree. This may be anywhere from 100 to 400 hours or more, either on a part time or full time basis during that time.

Additionally, plenty of recent graduates are looking for additional experience to boost their CV and gain that first job in sport that they apisre to.

What are they studying?

Sport is now big business so there is a huge variety of courses within the sports industry with major and minor studies including:

  • Sports Business
  • Sports Development
  • Sports Event Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports & Exercise Science

What can a sports student do for your club?

Given the typical short-term and part-time nature of these placements, you may wish to consider a special project for the student. This could be something that the committee has long spoken about doing, but none of the present or past volunteer members has had the time to do. Some ideas:

  • Organising a fundraising event
  • Conducting a research project
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Managing social media
  • Seeking sponsorship

What does a sports student need?

In short…experience. Therefore a student will need direction, as they are looking to learn from this experience and better equip themselves to land that first job – or next job – in sport.

They’ll typically need rersources such as an office, computer and phone because most won’t simply want to do this from home or uni. Many clubs won’t have a full time office so perhaps the student can be located in the office of a committee member or sponsor.

Where do you find sports students?

Sportspeople is a great location for candidates. Listing a volunteer or internship position is free! Other typical recruitment websites such as Seek or MyCareer can work too, but costs may be involvedin listing.

You can contact universities direct and talk to program coordinators about accessing their job boards.

Here is a list of Australian universities with sports-related courses, with links to relevant sections to find a potential intern for your sports club:

University Relevant Courses
ACPE Bachelor of Sport Business
Graduate Diploma of Sports Administration
Aspire Institute Diploma of Sports Management
Bond Univeristy Bachelor of Sport Management
Master in Sports Management
Diploma of Sports Management
Canberra University Bachelors in Sports
Deakin University Master of Business (Sport Management)
Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
Bachelor of Sport Development
Graduate certificate of Business (Sport Management)
Federation University Bachelor of Sport Management
Griffith University Bachelor of Business (Sport)
Graduate Certificate in Sport Management
ICMS Bachelor of Sports Management
La Trobe University Master in Sport Management
Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
Macleay College Sports Business
Monash Univeristy Sports Management
Swinburne University Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
University of Technology, Sydney Master of Management (Major: Sports)
Master of Sport Management
MBA with Sport Management
Graduate certificate in Sport Management
University of Western Sydney Bachelor of Business and Commerce – Sport Management
Victoria University Bachelor of Sport Management

We hope you find this information useful in helping administer your club.

Got any other ideas or questions? Please comment below!

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