Spartan Sports has launched an exciting new podcast which will feature some of the biggest names in world sport.

Spartan Sports Talk made its debut on iTunes this morning and begins with an insightful conversation with one of England cricket’s most successful test spinners Monty Panesar.

A crowd favourite all over the world, Monty sits down for a candid conversation with sports broadcaster Paul Cochrane to launch the Spartan Sports Talk program.

In it, he takes us inside the England dressing room during the memorable 2009 Ashes series when he was called upon to save the first test in Cardiff as a batsman.

Panesar talks about the unusual approach he took during his last wicket partnership with James Anderson to deny Australia victory.

“That was probably one of my finest moments in test cricket,” Panesar told Spartan Sports Talk.

“Jimmy goes just get in line and play the right ball and I was trying my best to get in line and as I was getting in line I remember the ball kept moving the other way so I was thinking I will play the Piccadily and that was the Bakerloo line and I thought this plan is working really well here. And that’s what I kept on doing, 35 times and I managed to draw a test.”

“I think everyone looked at me and they were in a state of shock and they were like, this is the greatest escape. It was against all odds and sometimes miracles can happen.”

In a wide-ranging first episode of Spartan Sports Talk, Panesar reveals the moment he believes Australia lost the 2009 Ashes; England’s assessment of Mitchell Johnson and the commitment made by Kevin Pietersen to change the momentum of the 2013/14 series.

“Whenever he is under pressure he looks to counter-attack as his method. And that was one of his strengths,” Panesar said.

“Kevin Pietersen is one of those sportsmen where when he enters a cricketing arena his confidence fills the whole arena. He has that extreme confidence in him.”

“He thought right, I’m going to take Mitchell Johnson on, even though he’s bowling rockets.”

Among topics discussed, Panesar reveals the best batsmen he bowled against; the feeling of dismissing Sachin Tendulkar for his first test wicket; his bowling partnerships within the England team; playing under the captaincy of Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss; having the support of test great Shane Warne and his comeback from a shoulder injury.

This is the first episode in a series of Spartan Sports Talk podcasts featuring the biggest names in world sport.

It has been a busy summer for the company which boasts cricket luminaries Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Kevin Pietersen, Michael Clarke and Mitchell Johnson among its list of contracted ambassadors.

Last month, Spartan Sports announced it was giving away $1 Million worth of sporting equipment to schools, clubs and communities across Australia in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation in a bid to increase active participation rates.

During the current Big Bash League, Andre Russell used the new Spartan S6R black bat range following approval by Cricket Australia. Since being released to the public, the first release of the S6R range sold out within days around the world via the company’s online store at

You can listen to the episode with Monty Panesar and subscribe to SPARTAN SPORTS TALK HERE