Last month, we asked you to send in your questions for Australian cricketing legend, Mitchell Johnson.

Having established himself as one of Australia’s greatest bowlers, there are very few who can offer rare sports related wisdom.

When Mitch visited Spartan HQ he shared some interesting insights in to his bowling technique, training, motivation and plans for the future. Scroll through the videos below to see if your question was chosen and answered.

Any tips on how to bowl more quickly and accurately? – asked by _amnaaa_



Will you become a commentator in the future? – asked by fahimsajid20



When you were younger, who did you pretend to be while playing backyard cricket? – asked by ben777seco



What’s your training routine consist of? – asked by nathan_s9



How much do you bench? – asked by coxy_2304



When the going gets tough, what is one thing that motivates you? – asked by zarnab_mitchjohnson_fan



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