Counterfeit Check

Fake bats are now an unfortunate reality in the cricket industry, poor quality copies of our equipment are now available from local flea markets and on online retailers such as eBay. Spartan Sports are doing what we can to stamp out the illegitimate sellers of these fake products to make sure that our customers are only getting the best grade equipment that has been manufactured to our high quality control standards.

These sub standard copies of our bats are not covered by any manufacturer warranty and offer little to nothing in the way of after sales support when something goes wrong.

Spartan does not produce or sell individual sticker sheets for our bats due to the high amount of people trying to pass off lower grade Kashmir willow bats as higher quality grades of English willow. Any sticker sheets that are available online are guaranteed fakes.

Spartan does also not sell samples, promo bats or limited edition replicas outside of our tightly controlled distribution channels and never via online auction sites such as eBay.

All of the new range of Spartan equipment now features market leading anti-counterfeiting technology and can be checked by customers by doing a simple scan of the bats QR code.

QR scanning is as simple as using a QR code scanning app on your smartphone such as QR Reader for iPhones or Android and scanning the code.  This will take you to the VerifyThisNow website where you will be able to type in the bats serial number found in black print on the same sticker to check if you have a legitimate Spartan product.

You can also type the product code into the section below if you do not have a smartphone to check if your product is legit.

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